Our Process

OG Open Home Sale


Keeping you informed is one of the most critical aspects of selling your home. We will provide you with a report after each inspection, providing you with comments from the buyers. Our aim is to make sure you have detailed and up to date information so you are fully aware of the progress of your sale.


An open home offers a fantastic way to showcase your home in a short period of time. It creates an atmosphere of excitement and competitiveness amongst buyers. Open homes are optional, however we recommend an open home to coincide with the most critical stages of your marketing campaign.

Our Methods Of Sale


• Higher prices can be achieved.

• Creates competition between buyers.

• Offers prior to Auction can be considered.

• Creates urgency for buyers to show their interest.

• Sale is unconditional on Auction day.

• Concentrated marketing can reach more buyers, more quickly.

• Often results in a quicker sale than private treaty.

• Can be offered for sale by private treaty after Auction


• You set the price, together with your agent.

• Some buyers are reluctant to bid at auction.

• You have time (within reason) to consider any offers.

• The price can be adjusted throughout the marketing stage, based on qualified buyer feedback and local market conditions.


• “Tender” means that buyers have to submit a price by a specified date.

• The buyers will not know how much someone else has submitted, whoever has submitted the highest offer will be successful in purchasing the property.


• Showcasing your property in the first week of marketing.

• Feedback on price from buyers.

• Offers may be submitted in this period.

• Let me explain the benefits of showcasing your property, as a ‘Property Preview’, in the first week of marketing.